Logic Pro11.0.1アップデート詳細

Logic Pro11.0.1アップデート詳細




  • Launch time when running Logic Pro in Rosetta is greatly reduced.
  • Performance is improved when working in Logic Pro while downloading content.
  • Auditioning an audio file in the Files browser no longer causes Logic Pro to calculate file overviews, blocking interaction with the app in the interim.
  • Fixes an issue where Logic Pro could sometimes show unexpected “Disk is too slow” messages when bouncing regions.
Logic Pro でリージョンをバウンスするときに予期しない「ディスクが遅すぎます」というメッセージが表示されることがある問題を修正という点がポイント

Stability and reliability

  • Fixes an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when opening certain Logic 5 projects.
  • Dragging an audio region into the Chord Track area no longer causes Logic Pro to quit unexpectedly.
  • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when the Repeat Once command is used.
  • Improves performance and stability with the Studio Bass Player instrument by automatically enabling Virtual Memory in cases where it is not enabled.
  • Fixes an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when previewing Untagged Loops in the Loop Browser.
仮想メモリが有効になっていない場合に自動的に有効にすることで、Studio Bass Player 楽器のパフォーマンスと安定性が向上するとのこと


  • Existing projects with Transposition events now retain the Transposition track when opened in Logic Pro 11.0.1 as expected.

Session Players

  • Session Player regions now regenerate immediately when a Chord Group is adjusted in the Inspector.
  • Resolves an issue in which adding a new Session Player region to a Session Bass track might unexpectedly create a Drummer region.
  • Resolves an issue in which the left hand of the Session Piano Player might not play as expected with the current settings.
  • Resolves an issue where Bass Session Player regions that have been converted to MIDI could revert to Session Player regions after saving and reopening the project.
  • Fixes an issue where regions on a Session Drummer track using the “Roots Songwriter” style could be silent when certain Time Signatures are used.

特定の拍子記号が使用されている場合、「Roots Songwriter」スタイルを使用するセッション ドラマー トラック上のリージョンが無音になる可能性がある問題を修正とのこと


  • Resolves an issue in Scripter that caused all Program Change events to be sent as Program Change 0.
  • Half Sustain pedal positions now work as expected in the Studio Piano instrument.
  • The Studio Bass instrument no longer outputs hiss when the Hum and Hiss slider are set to the lowest value.
  • Resolves an issue in which using a continuous damper pedal with Studio Piano might cause hanging notes.

Spatial Audio

  • Downmix and Trim settings are now correctly exported to ADM files.


  • The Cut Time command now shifts Track Based Automation correctly.

Export and bounce

  • Bouncing a folder in place no longer places the bounced region 1 bar to the left of the original position.

Live Loops

  • Pattern Loops dragged to Live Loops cells now transpose as expected.


  • It is now possible to edit LSB messages for Bank Change in the Event List when MIDI 2.0 is enabled.
MIDI 2.0が有効な場合、イベントリストのバンクチェンジのLSBメッセージを編集できるように


  • Undo now works correctly if the Smart Tempo Editor is closed and then reopened after performing a Beat Marker edit.
スマート テンポ エディターを閉じて、ビート マーカー編集を実行した後に再度開いた場合に、「元に戻す」が正しく機能するように


  • Play from Selection with a Marker selected now plays from the correct position in projects that start earlier than 1 1 1 1.
  • Fixes an issue where using Option-drag to copy a region into a new track pastes audio that was copied into the clipboard from another app.
  • Deleting a Marquee selection of a newly recorded audio region no longer ask if you want delete the entire file.
1 1 1 1 より前に開始されたプロジェクトで、マーカーが選択された状態で選択範囲から再生が正しい位置から再生されるように

Logic Pro11で保存したファイルは10で開かない?

どうもLogic Pro 11で保存すると11の機能を使ってなくても10で開かない様子??









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